Binah is dedicated to providing a forum for spiritual exploration amongst Jewish females of all backgrounds in a warm and casual environment. 

What started as our weekly "Cooking with the Bekermans" on Thursday nights has inspired us to create a series of monthly events for female students, focusing  on the unique and vital role of Jewish women in our society.  The Jewish Women's Circle provides a venue for women to reach out to each other and explore their rich Jewish heritage and the issues facing Jewish women today.  Binah serves as the women's social arm of Chabad @ York, incorporating formal and informal creative events.  Through these events, Binah blends traditional Torah values with modern life.

As we launch Binah, I am happy to invite you to join us in learning, growing, and inspiration.  Each of our events combines a meaningful discussion, a great hands on activity, refreshments, and a chance to meet new friends and schmooze. 

Our events take place in different homes, so stay tuned for further details, and feel free to contact Chanah Leah at 905.771.6359

Click here to find out much more about the Jewish woman, and here to find out more about the special mitzvah of lighting shabbos candles. 


See you soon,

Chanah Leah